Recover Workshop with Small Groups Online

There is nothing like the Recover Workshop. This is the first interactive online experience of its kind for spouses and committed partners of a sex addict.   Up until now, the much-needed focus has been on helping the men bound by this stronghold---and more times than not, it's been the same within the church and amongst marital and couple counseling services too. But the reality is, standing beside many of these men are dedicated women who are left in the shadow of addiction and betrayal. They are hurt, confused, lonely and they need support and guidance from someone who really understands. Someone who has been there.

The Recover Workshop is an interactive experience that invites a woman who has been hurt by sexual betrayal to come inside and sit with 7 other women as they boldly and transparently share their journey and transformation through informative, helpful and incredible video sessions.  These sessions offer the HOPE that healing, joy, and peace are obtainable in spite of what they’ve been through.  

Session discussions include: 

  • My Husband Has Been Less Than Faithful. Now What?
  • My House Has Become a Battleground. Now What?
  • What Does Healthy Accountability Look Like?
  • Am I Really Supposed to Forgive Him?
  • How Do I Move From Forgiveness to Trust
  • What Can I Do to Take Care of Myself?
  • What if He Relapses?
  • What About the Kids?
  • How Do I Know if It's Time to Move on?
  • Not Married Yet?

 Included in this single-user workshop1 purchase are the following:

  • All Four Modules of the Recover Workshop
  • The 10 Video Sessions (Recover Curriculum) + 9 Bonus Recover videos
  • Recovered By Hope Paperback Book + eBook
  • Recover Paperback Guidebook + eBook
  • The Small Group (4 Sessions of Recover Small Groups Online)
  • $500 Off the Recover Retreat
  • Private Recover Facebook Group
  • Touchy Subjects eBook
  • Open eBook
  • Through a Man’s Eyes - Video Series
  • Married - Video Series
  • Best Sex Life Now - Video Series


1This is a single-user interactive workshop experience. If you wish to purchase for your church or small group go to